Poplar Place Farm

Volunteer Program

Never volunteered before? Email us at ppf.volunteers@gmail.com to learn more!


Accumulated Individual Points
    Come volunteer with us in 2022!
Accumulated Barn Points

Don't see your barn or group listed?
Email the show office to let us know!

Points for Perks

1 hour volunteered = 10 points awarded (2.5 points per 15 minutes)

2 or more people from the same barn, or trainer, or a designated group, volunteering at the same show = 5 additional points to be awarded to each person’s total for that day (not per hour)

  • Free XC schooling = 40 points
  • Free SJ schooling = 30 points
  • Free DS schooling = 30 points
  • $25 off a class fee = 100 points
  • Merchandise Available in the Show Office for Points
*Points can be redeemed at any time within a year of earning – once redeemed, those points are removed from current total*

Poplar Points Matching

Barn, Trainer or Group points – each volunteer claiming a barn, or trainer, or a designated group will have their individual accumulated points added together to equal the barn/trainer/group’s accumulated points

  • 50% off a XC schooling day = 1000 points accumulated
  • FREE day of XC schooling = 2500 points accumulated
**Barn, Trainer, or Group points are a total amount of points accumulated throughout the volunteering opportunities of the year**
**Redeemed points will not be subtracted from the total**

How it works:

  1. Sign up for a position and time on the current event link posted above OR email us at ppf.volunteers@gmail.com to become a volunteer!
  2. Meet at the show office for instructions and supplies – sign in before starting your position
  3. Once finished, drop off all supplies at the show office and sign out
*PPF will keep track of all points awarded – you won’t have to keep up with anything*
*PPF will update the leader board after each event and post updates on our website*
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