It takes a unique combination of genetic potential, superior training, hard work and quality care to become a winner of the prestigious Triple Crown. But the secret to raising a successful horse begins with a superior feeding program.

    Much like the Triple Crown racing event, which consists of three acclaimed races, the manufacturing of Triple Crown products focuses on three critical areas: Revolutionary formulations, Premium Ingredients and our EquiMix® Technology.

    The Triple Crown program of feed, supplements and fibers can create a successful feeding program and is unlike any other product line. The program is designed to address your concerns about proper equine nutrition, its benefits, as well as the dangers of improper feeding and dispensing of supplements.

    While feeding your horse Triple Crown® feed, supplements and fiber may not automatically place your horse in the winner’s circle, it will help her maintain high performance levels, and keep your horse healthy and in supreme condition.

    From the first T.I.P. event at Red Hills International Horse Trial in Florida on March 8, 2012 through the end of 2016, there were more than 2,500 horse shows and events with T.I.P. classes or awards held in 47 states and Canadian provinces. More than 25,000 eligible Thoroughbreds participated in these shows and events, competing for thousands of ribbons, hundreds of prizes and thousands of dollars in prize money simply for being a registered Thoroughbred.

    In 2018, more than 1,200 sponsored horse shows offered awards for Thoroughbreds in 42 states and 6 Canadian provinces and in virtually every imaginable discipline.

    Valley Veterinary Associates strives to keep up with the changing trends in Veterinary medicine through continuing education of our Veterinarian’s and staff. If our hospital can not provide the service that you need for your animal; we have established relationships with multiple large and small referral centers to aide you in your needs. VVA enjoys the challenges of treating a variety of species of animals. We also have access to flat arenas, show jumping, and cross country venues to aide in gait evaluation for your sport horse needs. We have short term hospitalization capabilities for small ruminants & equine needs. Valley Veterinary Associates enjoys community involvement with Rabies clinics in the county; Harris County Rodeo; Poplar Place horse trials, and local school talks. We in the future will strive to provide more care seminars at the hospital for our beloved critters.

    Cherokee Feed & Seed provides top quality feed and hay for customers all over north Georgia and the Southeastern United States. Cherokee Feed & Seed opened for business in February 2004 under the ownership of Alan Jessie. Alan Jessie has been in the feed and seed business since 1998. He opened up Cherokee Feed & Seed’s Gainesville, GA store in April 2014.

    Why bundle the kids into the car to go shopping when Mags Mobile Tack is the tacks shop that comes to you. They have English riding apparel, helmets, boots, tack and grooming supplies.

    They carry a wide variety of equestrian apparel and tack from brands such as Shires Equestrian, Noble Outfitters, English Riding Supply, Higher Standard Leather Care, Jacks Pet Supply, Lund Saddlery, Devon-Aire, IRH, Southern Equestrian, Stirrups, Ride Heels Down, and Kathryn Lilly.

    Red Ribbon Tack fills a long neglected area of the horse community in South West Georgia. As horse sports progress and riders from all over the world drop into the Columbus, GA area, riders expect quality gear and the expertise to help fit a product or create the perfect custom items. Red Ribbon Tack proudly offers both. Our products include, but are not limited to Kingsley, Mattes, Penelope, Equi-Prism,  Pravins Sellier, Sweet, Billy’s Bits, Sergio Grassio, Vespucci, Stubben, Eco Gold, Baker, Makebe, Limo Bits and HyGain Feeds and Supplements. Red Ribbon Tack also contracts with 2 expert saddlers to make sure your tack remains in good, safe repair. 

    Calisto’s Cookies are horse treats for even the pickiest of horses. Calisto’s Cookies was started by one of Poplar’s frequent competitors. We are happy to be including them in our recognized horse trials and dressage shows prizes for all our competitors to see how great these horse treats are!

    Schleese helps horses and riders worldwide with the design, manufacture, and distribution of innovative, infinitely adjustable, gender-specific saddles with an emphasis on saddles for women. All products and services (including equine accessories and saddle fitting) ensure optimal well-being and comfort for both horse and rider and help to protect both from long-term back damage.